Advanced Diploma in Business (ADB)

– Syllabus –

The Advanced Diploma in Business Program provides a practical exposure to the business and management skills required in today’s workplace. This diploma can ladder into the Bachelor Degree Programs.

口 Admission Requirements

• Completion of at least 60 credits of post-secondary studies; or

• GCSE Advanced level profile demonstrating strong performance in a relevant subject; or

• Mature learners with 2 years related work experience ( paid or unpaid)

Duration 24 months
Delivery Mode

• Online study

• Flexible learning

• Action projects

Assessment and Verification

All units within this qualification are internally assessed and externally verified by the awarding body. The qualifications are criterion referenced, based on the achievements of all the specified learning outcomes.

There are four points of gradation : Excellent, Merit, Pass and Failure.

To achieve a “ pass” for a unit, learners must provide evidence to demonstrate that they have fulfilled all the learning outcomes and meet the performance requirements specified by all assessment criteria.


Tuition Fees CAD$800 per unit, including course materials, course administration and assessment.
Graduation Requirements

For graduation, students must complete all the required courses and meet the performance requirements of each unit.

Core Units

BUS 021 Business Environment
BUS 022 Business Communication
BUS 023 Leadership in Business
BUS 024 Business Organization
BUS 025 Management Practices
BUS 026 Small Business Enterprise
BUS 027 Business Decision Making
BUS 028 Personal and Professional Development
BUS 029 Quality Management
BUS 030 Project Management
BUS 031 Business Economics
BUS 032 Business Strategy
BUS 033 Accounting for Managers


1. General

Any 3 units from the below concentration ( maximum of 2 units from any one concentration)

2. Accounting

BUS 034 Business Law
BUS 035 Managerial Accounting
BUS 036 Investment and Financial Markets

3. Marketing

BUS 037 Marketing for Managers
BUS 038 International Marketing
BUS 039 Digital Marketing

4. Logistics

BUS 040 Business Logistics
BUS 041 Supply Chain Management
BUS 042 E- Commerce

5. Human Resources Management

BUS 043 Human Resources Management
BUS 044 Developing People at Work
BUS 045 Organizational Behaviour

6. International Business

BUS 046 Global Business Management
BUS 047 Global Marketing
BUS 048 International Trade and Investment