The Canadian Chartered Institute of Business Administration (CCIBA) is a leading professional organization specialising in conducting training in Action Research and Knowledge Management field.

Our graduates include Directors, Senior Managers, General Managers and executives with senior administrative responsibilities.

The benefits of CCIBA Professional Development are as follows:

  • Distinguishes you as a skilled, knowledgeable business professional;
  • Contributes to your professional growth;
  • Allows you to network with highly reputable business professionals;
  • Offers you business opportunities;
  • Give access to e-newsletter and e-articles; and
  • Entitles you to discounts on the publications of CCIBA and its strategic partners.

- Certification -

CIBA will award professional certifications to professionals in recognition of their achievements in theoretical knowledge, practical experience, expertise and commitment to update these through Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

In order to be certified, candidates should demonstrate their competence and have at least three years of relevant working experience.

Certification will enhance your career success through:

  • Professional – recognition of your professional competence;
  • Career – provides a competitive edge for job-seeking and promotion;
    Salary – certified professionals earn an average of 30% more than those who are not;
  • Esteem – certification can enhance your status as a professional;
  • Credit recognition – many universities or colleges grant credits transfer for students who are certified as professionals

To know about the definitions and entry requirements of different grades of membership click here.