Canadian Chartered Institute of Business Administration (CCIBA) provides access to quality education, training, professional certification activities and the opportunities to maintain and develop relevant professional skills in the competitive business environment.

Pursuant to the mark of success, CCIBA has placed itself in a strong value position by the following attributes:

  • CCIBA is the only “chartered” institution of professional management formed by Letters Patent under the Canadian Law.
  • The Institute’s university-based program is accredited by the Council of International Management Standards (CIMS).
  • The faculty, drawn from diverse academic, professional and business institutions around the world, is of remarkable standing.
  • Fellow and Honorary Fellow members are entitled to designate themselves as “Chartered manager” or “C. Mgr” for all professional purposes as well as on legal documents.
  • Reciprocal arrangements have existed for some time whereby CCIBA Honorary Fellowship may be considered for the award of Honorary Doctorate from other universities.
  • Many professional bodies worldwide recognize the value of CCIBA qualifications and membership by the award of credits or full exemptions towards appropriate professional qualifications.
  • Our partners comprise of a variety of organizations, including universities, colleges, industry federations, research councils and professional associations.
  • We provide a truly multinational pattern for Action Learning programs and qualifications.Our graduates are proven leaders with unsurpassed cross-cultural adaptability, able to deliver results in today’s rapidly changing environment.