Canadian Chartered Institute of Business Administration (CCIBA) was incorporated in 1990 by Letters Patent under provisions of the Canadian law. The members came from different countries including Canada, U.S.A., Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, U.K., Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, France and Italy.

In 1978, a group of academics, business leaders and practitioners concluded that the time has arrived for a new structure to develop managerial talent. Action learning and action research skills should be included in management and business education.

A working party was established to report on the management standards required by business executives. In contrast to learning by instruction, the Action Learning approach seeks to combine action skills and the programmed knowledge to solve business problems in the real world. The Institute's stature and credibility have grown beyond what any of its founders imagined. It has remained faithful to its original ideas and mission. Some of its founding members are as follows:

• Michael Own

Residing in Canada, Mr. Own was an Associate of a Barrister & Solicitor firm in Vancouver, B.C. He obtained his Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Law and MBA from the University of British Columbia.

• Ross Joseph O' Brien

Dr. O' Brien was born in Canada and received all his university degrees at the University of British Columbia. He was a professor at many leading universities and colleges.

• Eugent Muscat

Dr. Muscat was the professor of Information Systems at the University of San Francisco. He obtained an MBA from USF and a Doctorate from the University of Southern California.

• Ambrosio M. De La Curz

Dr. Curz is a leading consultant in leadership, human relations and union negotiations. He got the Doctoral degree from the University of Philippines in 1977.

• Saif Choudhri

Dr. Choudhri was educated at Salford and Manchester where he was awarded the degrees of M.Sc. and Ph.D. respectively. He specializes in Action learning, Human Resources Management and organizational Behavior.

• Terry Casey

Dr. Casey finished his Doctorial studies and received his degree in 1987 from the University of Bath. He is a Fellow of the British Institute of Management.