Canadian Chartered Institute of Business Administration (CCIBA) is in the process of establishing stronger linkages with the academic institutions and scholars in Asia Pacific region. On February 21, 2006, the President of CCIBA, Dr. Charles Mossop, conferred the award of Honorary Professor on the outstanding Asian Scholars, Professor Zhang Junsheng, Professor Bernard Chien-Chiu Li and Professor Oliver Y.M. Yau.

Professor Zhang Junsheng

Professor Zhang Junsheng is the specially invited Advisor to the Zhejiang Provincial Government, Chairman of the Consultative Committee of the Zhejiang Provincial Government for Economic Constriction, and Chairman of the Development Committee of Zhejiang University. In addition, Mr. Zhang is an Advisor to the Siuchuan Provincial Government, and a Senior Advisor to the Sehnzhen Municipal Government. He has also been awarded an Honorary Doctor of Science degree by the City University of Hong Kong.
Professor Bernard Chien-Chiu Li

Dr. Bernard Chien-Chiu Li is President of Taiwan's Fu Jen Catholic University, and a professor in its Department of Philosophy. He received his PhD in Philosophy from Fu Jen Catholic University and is a publisher in the fields of Philosophy and Culture. In addition to his current positions he has held the position of Dean of Student Affairs, Dean of Academic Affairs and Chair of the Department of Philosophy at Fu Jen Catholic University.
Professor Oliver Yau

Professor Oliver Yau is Professor of Marketing, City University of Hong Kong. He is a distinguished scholar of the highest reputation and has held teaching and research positions in Australia, South America and Europe. He is the author, co-author or editor of some 170 articles and 20 books in the areas of marketing, management and international business.